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Mother’s Day Essay

by Lillian | Grade 5 | Washington State

LiliesAmericaMy mom works every day, but she’s not a doctor or a teacher, she’s a stay at home mom. My mom works every day of her life, with no vacation or days off. She cooks, cleans, and drives my brother and me every day. She helps my brother with his homework, and mine too (if I have any.). She takes care of my whole family. Like I said no breaks, no vacations, no days off. My mom’s day starts off with waking everyone (My brother and I, and sometimes my grandma if she slept in.). Sometimes I don’t get up, but my mom doesn't give up she gets me up no matter what it takes. Then on Mondays she takes my brother and me to school, we may be loud, but my mom still takes us. Then she drives back (Which is about a half hour) to clean the house and take care of the animals that live at my house. Then she has a little time to herself (Which is for only about hour, then my brother, grandma, and I come back home). She says hello and then starts dinner. When dinner is cooking she helps my brother with homework that day. Then if I have any she helps me if I need help. After dinner she gets us ready for bed, then finally after about 11:00 pm she goes to bed, then tomorrow she does the same thing. My mom works hard so I thought to do something special and tell her, take the day off you might have to cook (if grandma doesn't agree), but I’ll do the dishes and clean for today. This will be your day off, vacation, your break. So spend your day wisely. Your Daughter, ~Lillian A.K.A: ~Panda

About the author

Blog-Photo-for-MDI love to write and I love to read! I am in the fifth grade and going into the sixth next year! My birthday is in the cold November and is sometimes on Thanksgiving! have a little girl side and a BIG girl side. My little girl side comes out a lot! I love meatloaf and anything MEAT (Sorry vegetarians!)! I love fruits and vegetables too! I know, I know I like healthy things I’M A CRAZY KID! Anyways! I hope you learned a lot about me!

Paw Print

by Marlie | Grade 5 | Washington State

Paw printIt was a bright and beautiful day, perfect for what I was going to do, Mia Fisher thought. I was just twiddling a dandelion in my bright and gleaming yellow and green volunteer t-shirt, just like the dandelion color.  I was waiting for my friend Ava Rinko to call back to me.  Ava and I are planning to go to the local animal shelter in our hometown, Tillamook Oregon, and are going to go and volunteer this summer.  The animal shelter was called Daisy Fields Animal Shelter, and they were really in need of help, and were very great people.  Since Ava and I just turned 12, so we were able to get our rabies shots for the volunteering, just to be on the safe side.  I heard a ring-a-ding-ring coming off of my tiny red glimmery flip-phone.  “Hello Ava!  Are you ready for today?!” I said super excitedly, because when I  get out of schooling I want to be a veterinarian because I adore animals.  “Of course!   What about I ride my bike over to your house so we can get going to Daisy Fields?” she said back.  “OK.  My mom just said so!”  I exclaimed.  “OK, I guess I will be seeing you in a few minutes!”  She exclaimed.  “Okay, see you in a few minutes!”  I said excitedly back.   I raced upstairs to grab my sack full of extra supplies like pen and paper, for extra notes to keep on important information.  Then I raced back downstairs and into the garage.  I got my helmet on and bike in the carport, including saying good-bye to my mom, just in time for Ava to arrive.   “Hey Ava, let’s go!” I got on my bike and we rode down the street. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

by Kaycee | Grade 6 | Washington State

Oh my Razzleberries!! I am so excited about today because... My dad is coming home! You probably don't know why this is so amazing so I am going to tell you! My name was Samantha Be (or Sammy). I am 13 years old and an only child with my dog Fernando. Ever since I was just 3 my dad has been away fighting for our country. So basically I haven't seen my dad (except every holiday through video chat)  in 10 whole years!! Ever since my dad has been away, my mom has tried to make me a girly-girl by entering me into pageants, dance classes and all that sort of stuff while she goes to work at her coffee shop. Luckily for all the rough times I have had over the past years, I have had my best friend Elizabeth Jones (or Lizzy) and she has been there for me. We technically should be sisters we are so close and so much alike! Today since my dad is coming home, Elizabeth has been preparing me this morning, " Are you excited?" Lizzy asked with that loving tone in her voice. " I guess, it's just, well, I don't know what he likes or if he even likes me."I said with my shoulders slouching "Well, Samantha, there is one thing I can assure you, he loves you a whole lot!" But those words didn't help me at all , they just kept circling around in my head and making it extremely hard to concentrate in classes. Hopefully my teachers understand because I didn't learn about anything (besides how nervous I am to meet my dad). For example, in English class all I remember is Oh Romeo where art thou... he loves you a whole lot... Ding ding and off to another class I went. Before P.E. started I asked Mr. Links if I could to the office because I felt dizzy and he answered back with a loud yes, so then I ran all the way to the office and asked if I could call home. I typed in the familiar phone number and waited for my mom to pick up. Continue reading

Ashley Where Are You?!

by Lillian | Grade 5 | Washington State

Hi my name is Layla Lee. I just moved to Riverside California. I used to live in Idaho until my mom got a promotion and her new jobsite area was here. This is about my fifth time moving and no I’m not kidding! I have been to Washington, Montana, and Rhode Island. I had a friend back in Idaho for a few years until she moved. I haven’t seen her for about 4 years! My mom wanted me to go to a private school, but then my mom saw how much it was for me. So she decided public school! It’s free! So tomorrow is my first day of school! GreenLeaf Elementary. I can’t wait! “Layla! Time to get up!” My mom yelled from the kitchen. “Your oatmeal is getting cold!” “I’m getting up mom!” I yelled back as I crawled out of bed. I put on my new blue lace dress and I put on my brand new black sneakers. I rushed to the bathroom to pull my hair in a messy braid and brushed my teeth with my pink glitter tooth brush. I went to the kitchen, grabbed a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I grabbed my bag off the table and gave my mom a hug. “Love you bye!” “Wait honey!” My mom yelled as I went out the door to the bus stop, but I didn’t listen to a word she said, I just wanted to get to that bus stop. I looked behind me and I was glad to see that my mom wasn’t following me in her kitten pajamas with her T-Rex slippers. I just made it to the bus right in time. The bus parked and opened its doors. I calmly walked inside the bus and sat down next to a girl with black hair. She was wearing a pretty yellow dress with her hair up in a cute pony tail. I tried looking in the big mirror thing in the bus to see if my braid looked fine. Sadly I couldn’t see the mirror and I had to wait till I got there to check. Continue reading

Time Traveling Fred

by Simon | Grade 5 | Washington State

simon-arwebsiteFred kicked a rock and watched as it hit a mailbox. He was extremely bored, there were no good shows on TV, and he had read all of his magazines. He sighed and sat on the curb. All of the sudden, a mailman ran up to Fred, shaking a finger. "Why did you throw a rock at Pooky? What did Pooky ever do to you, huh?". "The man is obviously out of his mind," thought Fred. Fred turned to walk away, but while he was walking, he saw the name Piper Pooman clumsily stitched on the mailman's jacket. "I have to say, everything about this man is very enigmatic!", Fred commented to himself. After about ten minutes of running around, Fred looked around, trees towered over him like giants. Everywhere he looked there were trees... only trees. In front of him he saw what looked like an elevator. It had caution tape wrapped around it. "This is all just very strange," said Fred. Just then a loud crash echoed in the strange forest!  This frightened Fred. Out of his personality, Fred ripped off the caution tape and entered the elevator thingymajig. Printed on one of the walls read the name Piper Pooman. "Golly gee, that's the name of that whacked out mailman that called the mailbox Pooky!", exclaimed Fred. On the opposite wall there was a dashboard with numbers and other blinking lights and buttons. Fred pushed a few buttons. A piercing light shot for a split second! Nothing else. "What just happened?" wondered Fred. Then, the door of the elevator opened and out stepped Fred. He looked around. It was dark and gloomy, there were no trees. All of the plants looked like nothing he's ever seen before, some of them were strangely colored.  "This is not New York!" screamed Fred. Continue reading