Paw Print

by Marlie | Grade 5 | Washington State

Paw printIt was a bright and beautiful day, perfect for what I was going to do, Mia Fisher thought. I was just twiddling a dandelion in my bright and gleaming yellow and green volunteer t-shirt, just like the dandelion color.  I was waiting for my friend Ava Rinko to call back to me.  Ava and I are planning to go to the local animal shelter in our hometown, Tillamook Oregon, and are going to go and volunteer this summer.  The animal shelter was called Daisy Fields Animal Shelter, and they were really in need of help, and were very great people.  Since Ava and I just turned 12, so we were able to get our rabies shots for the volunteering, just to be on the safe side.  I heard a ring-a-ding-ring coming off of my tiny red glimmery flip-phone.  “Hello Ava!  Are you ready for today?!” I said super excitedly, because when I  get out of schooling I want to be a veterinarian because I adore animals.  “Of course!   What about I ride my bike over to your house so we can get going to Daisy Fields?” she said back.  “OK.  My mom just said so!”  I exclaimed.  “OK, I guess I will be seeing you in a few minutes!”  She exclaimed.  “Okay, see you in a few minutes!”  I said excitedly back.   I raced upstairs to grab my sack full of extra supplies like pen and paper, for extra notes to keep on important information.  Then I raced back downstairs and into the garage.  I got my helmet on and bike in the carport, including saying good-bye to my mom, just in time for Ava to arrive.   “Hey Ava, let’s go!” I got on my bike and we rode down the street.

Arriving at the shelter:

“Come on, Ava!”  I said as I raced to the gleaming glass door that read:  “DAISY FIELDS ANIMAL SHELTER” and we walked in.  Ava and I saw lots of people holding little puppies and kittens.  They all seemed very happy. I looked forward and off to the side and I saw lots of dogs and puppies, and on the other side I saw cats and kittens.  They all were crowded and sad.  There was on puppy that stood out to me though… Ava was calling over to me and I walked over and introduced myself to the lady who was wearing the same shirt as us.  “Hello, my name is Mia, and I am really happy to be here this summer and help out with you guys, and this is my friend Ava.”  I said proudly.  Ava smiled to the lady and introduced herself also.  “Hello girls, nice to meet you, my name is Ann, and I am pleased to meet you too!  Would you like to meet all of the animals today?”  I smiled really big and huge, my pink braces sparkling in the sunlight shining through the window. “Of course!  We’re so excited!”  Ava and I exclaimed together.  We followed her to the big area where all of the animals were being held.  We saw everything from little baby Chihuahuas, to gentle giants!  I held this cute puppy named Bubbles.  He was looking for a home and was really scared.  Yet he just loved me.  He was snuggling and making himself at home in my arms.  Ann said that he was the runt, and the only one left, because of that, his adoption fee was reduced to.  I kinda sorta fell in love with him.  His breed was a lab mix and was adorable.  The next week after volunteering I was in love with Bubbles.  And he was in love with me, and he was not adopted yet.  That night, I talked to my mom and dad, not any siblings because I am an only child.  So I talked to them about seeing if I could take Bubbles home for the next night or two and see how he fits in.  We don’t have any other animals so I don’t think it would be too big of a problem, you know.   I know how to take care of an animal too, because of my volunteering experience.  “Umm, well, Mia, we might have to think about it. While they were discussing, I went onto my little mini tablet and did extra research. They discussed for an awfully long time.  I just crossed my fingers super tightly and hoped that it could possibly happen.  “Mia, come down here please!”  My parents hollered to me from downstairs.  I raced down and plopped down on the beige couch and looked both of them in the eyes.  “You can, only on one condition,” my parents said, “You have to take care of him and do everything, and use some responsibility.  And this does not mean that he is staying, we’ll have to see about that.”  They spoke.  “I will, I promise, so can I?  Can I bring him home for a night or two after volunteering today?!”  I asked excitedly.  “Okay, you can...” my parents responded.  I jumped up and down excitedly and hugged both of them and grabbed my flip-phone from my pocket and called Ava about it.  She was super jealous even though she had 3 already. “Mom, I have to go to Daisy Fields right now with Ava, but I will be back in two hours with Bubbles and then we can go pick up some dog essentials!”  I yelled while trying to get my shoes on and my feet out the door.  “Okay, Honey!  I will be here trying to puppy-proof the place!”  She hollered back to me.  I got on my shoes and right out the door to hop on my bike.  Ava was meeting me there since her house is 10 streets the other way and the rescue is in the middle of both of our houses. I arrived at the shelter just about the same time as Ava did.   I got off my bike and went into the shelter, signed in, and got right to Ann.  I explained to her that my parents have approved of letting Bubbles spend a night or two at my house and my mom is puppy-proofing the whole house.  She was so excited that he was getting a break from the shelter, and be happy for once and not lonely, especially with no littermates left.  I got right to work and cleaned all of the puppies’ kennels, while Ava was stuck with scooping the litter boxes.  “Hi, Bubbles, are you excited to come home with me for a night?” I said.  He gave me a big slobbery kiss right across my face and I smiled.  “I take that as a yes!”  After cleaning the kennels, I walked all the senior dogs (as in 3) around the block and then interacted with people about the senior dogs.  Actually, all of them found forever homes!  I was thrilled!  Two of them went to a lovely older lady and the other one went with the older ladies best friend.  That day at the shelter went well! I went straight to Ann and got Bubbles in a crate so I could put him in my little wagon trailer with a screen/sun protector on it.  I said good-bye and made sure Bubbles was all latched in and then I took off on my bike for our journey home! I walked in the door and showed mom and dad Bubbles.  He got out of his crate and walked over to my parents and was happy with them too!  I could tell my parents were falling in love with him.  “Mom and Dad, should we head to the pet shop to get some food and a toy for him?”  I asked smiling widely.  My parents nodded their heads and I took Bubbles and put him on the temporary leash Ann gave us. When we got back from the pet store with lots of toys and food, even with a leash!  I could tell my parents liked him for lots of reasons:  he is well behaved, sweet, cute, and was fitting in great. It has been a week and we haven’t let him go.  We love him a lot.  I picked Bubbles up and walked over to my parents who were sitting at the kitchen table.  “Mom and Dad, can we adopt Bubbles?”  I asked very softly.  I looked over and saw a big smile rise across their face. “Yes.  We have thought it through and we think you have done an excellent job on your responsibility, and we think you have done a great job.”  They said together.  I jumped up and down and said thank you and asked if we could go down there to the shelter right now.  They said OK.  I grabbed Bubbles and spun him around and then he gave me a big slobbery kiss.  I got him in his crate and slipped my shoes on and hopped in our shiny red car and took off. When we got there the adoption process was pretty simple and then Ann came over.  “I am so happy for your family and so happy he has found a home!” Ann exclaimed, grinning back at Bubbles.  I told her that we would be back every Saturday to visit and that I was excited. I picked up Bubbles again and kissed him.  He was pretty small for his breed, even though he was the runt and only 8 weeks old.  “You’re all set!  You can take him home!”  Ann exclaimed.  I hopped up in the air and told my parents thank-you. When we got in the car I held Bubbles and squeezed him.  He kissed me back. Life has been going great ever since I got Bubbles.  He has made himself at home, and is going on family walks, vacations, and even to lots of dog parks.  Bubbles is a perfect fit for our family, and we are a perfect fit for him.


about-author-photoHello, my name is Marlie and I am in fifth grade and live in Washington.  I really enjoy writing stories and I am happy to be sharing it.   I also enjoy writing stories in my free time.  I really like using creative word choices in my stories also!  I hope you like my story!

5 thoughts on “Paw Print

  • Marlie,

    This story was AMAZING! I thought you really described what was going on whether it was seeing Bubbles for the first time or meeting Ann.

    This story is wonderful and I hope you will write many more stories!

  • Hi Marlie!!!

    I love your story, it is very creative and detailed. I am so glad that you like to write and hope you continue to 🙂


  • Congrats Marlie! A very well written short story about the love of animals! You write with descriptive and colorful words. I felt like I was there in the pet store with you! Keep up the great work!
    xo Shelly Turner (Cale and Quinn’s Mema)

  • Marlie! This is an amazing story! The detail and use of descriptive words made me feel like I was in the story with you! I can not wait to read another story from you! You are one special girl with so many talents! XOXO

  • Hi Marlie,

    I am crazy about your story! You have such an amazing talent and I think it is wonderful you are sharing it with everyone. I look forward to reading more of your stories in the future. (especially the ones about dogs)
    See you soon,

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