Mother’s Day Essay

by Lillian | Grade 5 | Washington State

LiliesAmericaMy mom works every day, but she’s not a doctor or a teacher, she’s a stay at home mom. My mom works every day of her life, with no vacation or days off. She cooks, cleans, and drives my brother and me every day. She helps my brother with his homework, and mine too (if I have any.). She takes care of my whole family. Like I said no breaks, no vacations, no days off. My mom’s day starts off with waking everyone (My brother and I, and sometimes my grandma if she slept in.). Sometimes I don’t get up, but my mom doesn't give up she gets me up no matter what it takes. Then on Mondays she takes my brother and me to school, we may be loud, but my mom still takes us. Then she drives back (Which is about a half hour) to clean the house and take care of the animals that live at my house. Then she has a little time to herself (Which is for only about hour, then my brother, grandma, and I come back home). She says hello and then starts dinner. When dinner is cooking she helps my brother with homework that day. Then if I have any she helps me if I need help. After dinner she gets us ready for bed, then finally after about 11:00 pm she goes to bed, then tomorrow she does the same thing. My mom works hard so I thought to do something special and tell her, take the day off you might have to cook (if grandma doesn't agree), but I’ll do the dishes and clean for today. This will be your day off, vacation, your break. So spend your day wisely. Your Daughter, ~Lillian A.K.A: ~Panda

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Blog-Photo-for-MDI love to write and I love to read! I am in the fifth grade and going into the sixth next year! My birthday is in the cold November and is sometimes on Thanksgiving! have a little girl side and a BIG girl side. My little girl side comes out a lot! I love meatloaf and anything MEAT (Sorry vegetarians!)! I love fruits and vegetables too! I know, I know I like healthy things I’M A CRAZY KID! Anyways! I hope you learned a lot about me!

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