Let your voices be heard!

The "Alphabet Rancher" project provides a place for young writers to publish their creative writing. Young writers of all ages have a creative voice that deserves to be heard, so start brainstorming ideas and send us your best writing to share your creativity and voice with others on this website and most importantly, have fun writing!


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Recent Submissions

Mother's Day Essay

by Lillian | Grade 5 | Washington State

My mom works every day, but she’s not a doctor or a teacher, she’s a stay at home mom. My mom works every day of her life, with no vacation or days off. She cooks, cleans, and drives my brother and me every day. She helps my brother with his homework, and mine too (if I have any.). She takes care of my whole family. Like I said no breaks, no vacations, no days off. My mom’s day starts off with waking everyone (My brother and I, and sometimes my grandma if she slept in.). Sometimes I don’t get up, but my mom doesn’t give up she gets me up no matter what it takes. Then on Mondays she takes my brother and me to school, we may be loud, but my mom still takes us. Then she drives back (Which is about a half hour) to clean the house and take care of the animals that live at my house. READ MORE

Paw Print

by Marlie | Grade 5 | Washington State

It was a bright and beautiful day, perfect for what I was going to do, Mia Fisher thought. I was just twiddling a dandelion in my bright and gleaming yellow and green volunteer t-shirt, just like the dandelion color.  I was waiting for my friend Ava Rinko to call back to me.  Ava and I are planning to go to the local animal shelter in our hometown, Tillamook Oregon, and are going to go and volunteer this summer.  The animal shelter was called Daisy Fields Animal Shelter, and they were really in need of help, and were very great people.  Since Ava and I just turned 12, so we were able to get our rabies shots for the volunteering, just to be on the safe side.  I heard a ring-a-ding-ring coming off of my tiny red glimmery flip-phone.  “Hello Ava!  Are you ready for today?!” I said super excitedly, because when I  get out of schooling I want to be a veterinarian because I adore animals. READ MORE



We would like for each published submission to have "reviews"--that is, a few lines of positive feedback. This will provide even more incentive for young writers to have their work published.

Teachers & Authors

We would love to include more detailed writing tips on our website so that it is not only a place to publish the work of young writers, but will also be educational. We would like for teachers to provide us with grade specific writing tips and authors to provide us with tips they have learned from their writing careers.

Spread the Word

We need help spreading the word about our project! This can be done by sharing it on Facebook, talking to your friends and family, and even encouraging your child's school to participate in the project.